Functional Exercise-From Bias to Continuum

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Tom Purvis
86 minutes
The issue of functional exercise is not always straightforward. For example, if a functional exercise mimics daily activities, where does standing on the latest inflatable gimmick fit in? Is it just about making an exercise randomly more difficult? How truly functional is a purported functional exercise if it leads to musculoskeletal dysfunction? In reality, while trainers try to create interesting programs for their clients, they may occasionally dismiss perfectly sound exercises that improve musculoskeletal function, and instead impose challenges that their clients are unable to accommodate safely. Functional Exercise-From Bias to Continuum details a wide range of current functional applications and the research on specific exercises that can enhance a trainer's toolbox. The DVD explores the value of doing the right thing, at the right time, for the right person (minus any biases).

Among Topics Covered:

• Responses & adaptations
• “Software” responses: orchestration and motor learning
• Myths of functional exercise
• Interpretations of “sport specific training”
• Improving skill?
• Shear facts
• Myths: “more neurologically challenging”