Dynamic Warm-Up Progressions

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Nick Tumminello
124 minutes
Dynamic Warm-Up Progressions explains how trainers can get more out of their warm-ups than many participants achieve in their entire workout. This movement-based DVD is designed to challenge many of
the current warm-up trends and show trainers and athletics coaches how they can design and implement a more thoughtful and purposeful approach to warm-ups and preparation. The DVD reviews how to use central nervous system activation, muscle activation, and dynamic mobility progressions to design seamlessly integrated, time-efficient warm-up sequences that are guaranteed to improve performance and increase the productivity of each and every training session. The DVD features several brand-new, never-before-seen exercises and variations. The DVD also details a number of commonly used warmup exercises that are dysfunctional and down-right dangerous.

Among the Topics Covered:
  • What is a dynamic warm-up?
  • Who needs a dynamic warm-up?
  • Warm-up design
  • Pre-warm-up
  • Sample warm-up
Produced in cooperation with IDEA Health & Fitness Association.