Best Practices in Sports Medicine: AMSSM and AOASM Case Studies (Third Edition)

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Margaret E Gibson, Michael Henehan, Christian Fulmer, Mandeep Ghuman
Healthy Learning
501 pages

This case-based learning resource provides a unique way to broaden your sports medicine knowledge base and can be used as a study tool in preparation for the board exam review. To facilitate this, the topic areas in the book are modeled on content areas in the American Board of Family Medicine Certificate of Added Qualification in Sports Medicine (CAQ) exam. Throughout the textbook, we have added multidisciplinary expert or “curbside consult” comments, challenge questions, and evidenced-based “Practice Pearls” that highlight important sports medicine concepts. This edition also includes review questions after many of the cases for additional comprehension of the material. The book also expands the learning options with multimedia content that includes material developed specifically for each case (radiology, physical exam, ultrasound, rehabilitation, and manual medicine), as well as material already created by AMSSM, AOASM, or other sources (patient education handouts, podcasts, lectures, key articles, ultrasound resources). The manual medicine components in the book are intended to build the multidisciplinary treatment options we can bring to the care of our patients. The multidisciplinary input delivered in these cases is designed to provide the reader with a view of sports medicine issues through the eyes of athletic trainers, physical therapists, and other medical specialists. In summary, the editorial team wanted to provide unique educational value via concise, case-based modules that address key sports medicine concepts using an interactive format. Our hope is that you will find it to be a valuable and educational resource.

New material for the Third Edition:

  • Case-specific ultrasound content

  • CAQ-type study questions to test your knowledge

  • Manual medicine video consultations