MFA Student Bundle

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This bundle, which is designed to provide appropriate resources needed as study guides for students who are interested in better understanding the basic factors involved in medical fitness, consists of 6 Epubs and 1 book:

Medical Fitness Association’s Resource & Planning Guide (4th Edition) - Epub
The Medical Fitness Association’s Resource & Planning Guide (Fourth Edition) is an A to Z primer on the basic business-related needs of the medical fitness industry. Over 500 pages in length, the book features several of the most respected health/fitness professionals in the industry. This comprehensive resource is a must-have tool that should be in the library of every medical fitness professional. 

Standards & Guidelines for Medical Fitness Center Facilities Second Edition - Epub

The best way to set your facility apart is by achieving the MFA Facility Certification. With a focus on medically sound prevention and rehabilitation programs, medical fitness centers play an essential role in the health and wellness of those individuals that they serve. The MFA Facility Certification process is an important step toward ensuring that your facility provides the quality and safety of the programs and services that are necessary to meet this critical responsibility. 

Certified medically integrated fitness centers feature the professional expertise and programming necessary to safely and effectively assist people—regardless of their current health status—with developing, initiating, and maintaining an active lifestyle that minimizes the risk of illness and disease and promotes health and wellness. Based on the MFA’s Standards & Guidelines for Medical Fitness Center Facilities Second Edition, the certification process involves an in-depth review of a facility’s adherence to the prescribed standards and guidelines. A number of key factors distinguish certified medical fitness centers, including:

  • Active and regular medical oversight
  • Certified and licensed staff
  • Written policies and procedures concerning user safety and the ability to respond appropriately to all emergencies
  • Disease management and prevention programs
  • Health-risk reduction and therapeutic lifestyle programs
  • Individualized health screening
  • Testing and outcome tracking
  • Quality management, with a focus on measurable results
  • A focus on improving community health

Medical Fitness Association’s Benchmarks for Success—2017 - Epub

This 10th edition of the MFA’s Benchmarks for Success features the latest and most up-to-date collection of data available about the medical fitness industry. These important benchmarks are provided for existing centers, as well as those individuals who are contemplating the development of a medically integrated facility. 

Fitness Management (Fourth Edition) - Physical Book

Renowned fitness industry expert Stephen Tharrett presents an updated edition to the most comprehensive blueprint ever created for developing, leading, managing, and operating a successful health/fitness business. The book’s mixture of business, practical information and research, as well as its focus on exceptional customer service throughout the text, make it the definitive book on the operational aspects of health/fitness club management for students, young professionals, and seasoned veterans alike. 

Topics include:

  • Membership retention
  • Business issues
  • Staffing issues
  • Facilities and equipment
  • Operational practices
  • International market (Asia, Europe, and Latin America)
  • The future of the industry
  • Case studies

The Ultimate Resource Manual for Implementing Health/Fitness Facility Standards and Guidelines - Epub

This resource manual is intended to help guide health/fitness club operators and other appropriate staff members in their efforts to identify and implement policies and practices that would enable facilities to comply with the relevant industry standards and guidelines outlined in the current edition of ACSM’s Health/Fitness Facility Standards and Guidelines. The book is designed for owners/managers of both for-profit and non-profit facilities. 

The Health/Wellness Professionals' Guide to Medical Fitness Exercise - Epub
This book is designed as a resource for health/wellness professionals who want to better understand not only the exercise-health connection, but also how they can help individuals who have one or more chronic medical conditions benefit from regular physical activity. It was written for health/wellness professionals who want to have a positive impact on the lives of the individuals they serve. For some professionals, The Health/Wellness Professionals Guide to Medical Fitness Exercise will provide an invaluable introduction to an essential subject. For others, it will serve as a refresher of relevant information. For all, hopefully, it will be a difference-maker.


Medical Fitness Essentials - Epub

Nearly 80% of health-related challenges that individuals face—such as chronic disease, illness, and injury—are a direct result of lifestyle choices. Commitment to health-related routines, including proper exercise, whole food, plant-based eating, and sufficient rest, along with appropriate vaccinations, make up the core of preventive medicine. These foundational elements are the key to creating a sustainable population-based model of healthcare.